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Hot Roasted Pepper Sauce

Ingredients: Peppers, Seasoning (Cilantro or Recao), Salt, Garlic, lemon juice, oil, and vinegar.


1) Buy your favorite peppers and choice of fresh seasoning (wash & dry them).
2) Roast peppers and garlic.(optional)
3) Put roasted garlic, pepper and seasonings in a chopper or grinder.
4) Mix in oil of your choice a teaspoon on lemon/lime juice and vinegar to the consistency you like.



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Hottest Pepper Sauce

Hottest Pepper Sauce

Yellow Habenero, Pimento, or Scotch Bonnet peppers (wash/dry).Place peppers and vinegar in blender or chopper. Place in a bottle or container and serve! * Note: if you are making a small quantity and eating it right away substitute vinegar for lemon juice (its hotter and more delicious)!

Hot Pepper Chutney (Mother-In-Law)


This receipe is for a hot sauce that is meant to be eat in a day or two. It originates from trinidad and is used for celebrations and events. Its called mother-in-law because her words are sharp and mouth hot!

Ingredients: Hot Peppers, Carrots, Bitter Melon, Onions, vinegar, Seasoning (Recao) and Salt.

Chop all ingredients in a chopper add a pinch of vinegar and serve.